DIY “Give Thanks” burlap table runner

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Nov 26th


Some people might say it’s pumpkin season but I am more excited for burlap season! Fall weather just screams burlap so I had to make a table runner for our table. See our 10 ft table was made by my husband from wood given to him from his grandfather. This table is a family heirloom so the last thing I want to do is cover it up with a table cloth. So a tablerunner was born! There are those rare times when something in my head actually turns out better than I had expected and this is one of those times!


Here are the cast of characters:

3 yards burlap

2 yards lace

2 yards gray shiny fabric

chevron ribbon I didn’t use 😉

white paint (not pictured)

and some ABC stencils

So first I cut the burlap to the width I wanted. For most people this will be long enough for their table but for me, it wasn’t. When you cut it just stretch it across your table and if it fits, skip the steps to the part where you sew the fabric onto the burlap.
Next if you do need more length, cut to pieces of burlap that are the same size and width and sew both ends of the burlap together. 
Then after sewing it together, trim the edge.

Now turn the fabric right side up and place the seem in the middle of your table. I am not a measuring kind of gal so I just pushed all my chairs up against the table and put the seem right between the middle two. If your burlap is to long on either side, just trim it. I let me burlap hang over the side about 6-12 inches. 
Then it’s time to sew the fabric onto the burlap. I cut my fabric twice as long as the width of the burlap because I wanted mine to be ruffled. To ruffle your fabric, sew across the top of one of your gray strips of fabric. Do not back stitch it! Next there will be 2 strings of thead. Pull ONE of them and bunch your fabric as shown above. 
Sew the first gray ruffled piece of fabric onto the bottom of the burlap. I sewed mine about 2 inches above the bottom of the burlap.

Then I sewed the lace on top of the first row of gray fabric. You can ruffle this as well or just bunch as you go. This lace was kind of pricey so I had to go skimpy on how much I got.

Then ruffle the next strip of gray fabric and sew on top of the lace. Now you can see there is about 2 inches of burlap on the bottom showing, and about 2 inches above. 
Now get out your white pant and stencils. NOTE: as many of you may known, burlap has LOTS of holes in it. They might be small but the paint will drip though so be a doll and place a piece of paper under the stencils. Your table will thank you and so will your husband. So for the other side of the table runner, just repeat steps above. This took me under an hour to complete! If you notice below the cute little heart after the “Give Thanks” saying…let’s just say I got paint happy and was slinging paint left and right because I had a child asking me 100 questions so I added the heart to cover up a splatter. 

In the seem of the runner, I placed a few fun things I got at hobby lobby for 80% off! The burlap pumpkins are my fav!



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