DIY Yard Christmas Card

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Dec 12th


Growing up back in Louisiana, around Christmas time, large wooden Christmas “cards” would start popping up on people’s yard. They were these elaborate painted signs saying things like “Merry Christmas”, and “Jingle Bells”, ect. I never thought of it as something only the south did, but now that  I live in Denver, I can definatley say it’s a southern thing!

I decided I would undertake this job and make our family a “Christmas Card” for our yard, or a “yard card”, haha.

Being the frugal person that I am, I didn’t want to spend a whole lot of money so I asked my dad if he had any ole pallets laying around. Of course he did but I suspect you could sporbbaly call your local hardware store and see if they have an extras!


1 Pallet
green, red and black paint
stencils (letters and snowflakes)
1/2 yard of burlap
1 spool of ribbon
1 spool of string

So for the entire project, I spent under $15! I saw these on etsy going for at least $80!


I bought 5 inch stencils for my pallet. They fit perfectly, but it would have been a better idea to measure the pieces of wood before hand!


I was going to draw all the letters on beforehand then go back over them with pant but no one’s got time for that! I also added a few snoflakes here and there for extra measure.


I really wanted to use pink burlap but a girl will take what she can get.



I cut the burlap into triangles, no need to finish the ends.

Next I got my chevron ribbon out.

Then I cut the ribbon to be as wide as the top of the triangles. 
Then I folded the ribbon over on both sides of the triangle and sewed across in a straight line.

Last I threaded the string through all of the completed triangles and tied it onto the bottom of the pallet.


This part it totally optional but but dad added a stand to the back of my pallet. Fancy isn’t it? I won’t post the how to on this because I didn’t do it. You can always just lean your pallet against your house or whatever but this makes it to wear you can stand it anywhere! Thanks pops!


And there you have it! I put a spotlight in front of ours outside so you can see it at night too!


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