How to Make a Deco Mesh Christmas wreath in 1 hour and on the cheap!

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Dec 16th

wreath mesh  

Have I told you lately that I am in love with Deco mesh? It’s on my christmas tree, on my front door, everywhere! I see the wreaths everywhere but they can be pricey! Upwards of $80! Here is how to make one on the cheap and in about an hour! Mine costs around $10 to make but I got my mesh on clearance. You can spend under $20 to make this for sure!

You will need:

1 wire wreath

red or white pipe cleaners

2 rolls of deco mesh

1 roll of ribbon

red ball stem (optional)


First start with a wire wreath and pipe cleaners. I got red but white would have been fine too. These wreathes are around $2.50 at hobby lobby so super cheap!


Tie the pipe cleaners on the outside and inside layer of the wreath at each wired edge. 


Next you will need your deco mesh. I got mine last year at hobby lobby for 80% off but right now it’s 50% off! I am using red and white and only 1 roll of each.


Start with your white mesh. Grab the tail and tie it to one of the inner pipecleaners.


Bunch it up and tie to the next inner pipe cleaner then repeat that all the way around the inner pipe cleaners. 


I doubled layered my white so after going around once, I went around again and just tied the white on top of the first layer on each pipe cleaner. Next I did the same steps for the red on the outer ring of the wreath. You don’t have to do 2 layers if you don’t want to but I like my wreaths big!


For the 2nd layer I went back on top of the white. So instead of double layering the back, I did the 2nd layer on top of the white.You don’t have to do 2 layers if you don’t want to but I like my wreaths big!


This is how it looks after both rolls of mesh.


Next I turned the wreath and tied a layer of pipe cleaner in the center ring of the wreath. You can do that while you are doing the 1st set of pipe cleaners but I found when I do that all the pipe cleaners gets confusing on which ones you need to use while doing the mesh.


So instead of mesh, I tied a layer of red ribbon on the middle layer of pipe cleaners. I didn’t bunch the ribbon, just made it tighter while going around the middle. Once you are done with that layer fluff out the mesh and ribbon.

And that’s it! Except I did add a little red ball stem situation to the middle of mine but that’s optional. I just had it on hand. It’s just placed in the middle. Oh and I did add an extra bow to the bottom of the wreathe but that is optional too. It actually kind of get’s lost in all that mesh business!


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