Valentine’s Day Pallet DIY Sign

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Jan 25th

pallet sign 

We have been stuck in the house for days…at first it was just a little cough. I don’t like to infect other people so we stayed in. Yesterday we have the whole “should we go to the ER talk” because my 6 year old was so sick and of course my husband responds “oh he will be fine”…and he was thank goodness he is fine, just a bad couch and a little overly dramatic :-)

The other day I decided to put my kids to work and we all painted on my kitchen floor. It was messy, unorganized, chaotic and unbelievably fun! 

I am a little obsessed with “pallet signs” which are painted signs you make out of reclaimed wood. Check out my christmas sign here, I am kinda in love! For this sign I found some wood in our yard my husband used for our porch. He cut in short and screwed the back together. I would show you a DIY on how I did this, but I enlisted my husband to do it, it’s the least he could have done, 😉 He is a former wood worker so he knew what he was doing.

photo copy 3 

This is the back of the sign. My husband laid all the planks down and screw in two planks on the back in order to keep them in place.


This was before everyone got really sick…we had a laughing, paint flying kind of time. And right after this picture my daughter stepped in paint. I had to keep telling myself this was a good idea, haha!


I will go ahead and admit I do not have a artistic bone in my body when it comes to drawing or painting. I used stencils for this project and as you can see I completely messed up the sign by doing the “is” way to far away from the heart so I did another “is” and painted a red heart over the 2nd one. Sometimes you just have to roll with it.

Next on deck are these super cute painted mason jars. I painted them 3 or 4 coats or until they didn’t look transparents anymore. Once they were completely dried I took some sandpaper to them and made them look a little scratched up. The flowers were leftover from christmas and the red sparkly rope I found at Hobby lobby the other day for 90% off!

IMG_1538 IMG_1526 IMG_1529IMG_1530

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