DIY Mardi Gras Pom Poms

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Feb 26th

Pom Poms  

I was love big pom poms as decorations but never knew they were so simple to make!


Packs of tissue paper. I got these for $.99 each and each had 16 pieces of tissue paper in them.

Fishing line or clear thread



Fold the tissue until it looks like an accordion.

Tie a pice of string or fishing line in the middle of the paper.

Cut both ends in a semi circle. This makes them look like flowers.

Pull the tissue on both sides to make it look fluffy.

Tie another string in the middle so you can hang the pom pom.

Tie the string to a tack and tack into the ceiling! So easy and only costs me $3 for all 3!

mardi gras

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