Once upon a “Country Frozen Party”

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Mar 10th

country frozen    

On the same day it won two Academy Awards® including Best Animated Feature, “Frozen,” Walt Disney Animation Studios’ 53rd feature film, crossed $1 billion at the worldwide box office. The biggest non-sequel animated film ever released and the second biggest animated film of all time globally, “Frozen” has earned an estimated $388.8 million at the domestic box office and $611.5 million internationally for a global total of $1,000.3 million. It is The Walt Disney Studios’ seventh release to reach the $1 billion mark, joining “Marvel’s The Avengers” and “Iron Man 3,” Disney’s second and fourth “Pirates of the Caribbean” films, Disney•Pixar’s “Toy Story 3,” and Disney’s “Alice in Wonderland.”

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We threw my little girl her 3rd birthday this weekend and she wanted a Frozen Party. Frozen is the hottest thing around right now so I was all on board except I wanted it to be a little different. I needed a little twang in her party and decided to throw a “Country Frozen Party!” I knew I needed lots of mason jars, burlap and lemonade and along with the help of my family we pulled off quite the event.

Below are a few things I made for the party along with instructions! Hope you enjoy. 

sayla invite 2 

I didn’t have time to mail out invitations so I used evite.com to make them this year. I used Picmonkey to edit the picture. And you can get a free day of Picmonkey royale here! It is amy favorite photo editing software. Evite is so awesome because you can invite people by email then see who has RSVP’d, send people messages and more!



 For my daughters outfit I made her a scrappy skirt!

I used 1/4 yard of the following fabrics:

pink polka dot
pink chevron
blue polka dot
blue flower
turquoise polka dot
and light blue polka dot
and 2 yards of tulle.

All the fabric together cost me under $10

The only other things I needed was scissors and elastic.


I cut the elastic to the size of my daughters waste. I cut all the fabric in long strips and began to tie them on the elastic.


Once you start to tie them on your elastic might not be straight and that is ok. My starting to curl over but you need it to in order to get the knots tights.


 Once I was done tying on the fabrics, I got my little model to stand on the table and I cut the fabric into the lengths I wanted. I think it looks cute to have some pieces a little longer than others.


 Normally when you go to parties you are left with a parting gift which sometimes includes candy. As much as my kids love candy I decided to try a different treat this year. I got organic juice boxes, 2 packs of rasines and organic applesauce with little faces drawn on my sharpie. You could attache some hands like mini licorice but I was trying the no candy route. At the end of the party I gave them a little bag so they could put their robots in.



Next I made a little banner that said “Sayla-Jewell is 3”


6 bandanas from Hobby lobby.

3 white

3 blue

and some burlap on clearance

Fabric glue



I cut out the bandanas into triangles then cut out all the words on the burlap.


I glued the letters onto the triangles. I alternated the triangles, white then blue.

So for this white triangles, I cut a blue square out. Enough to be a little longer than the triangles then folded it over and glued it on top of the triable.

Once everything was dry, I threaded the raffia through the top of the squares that had been folded over and glued, then hung it up on the wall.

 Screen Shot 2014-03-10 at 10.55.57 AM 

I HAD to have these little beauties as soon as I saw them! My kitchen it blue so I used them for the party but will also use them in my kitchen!

They are from World market and are $12.99 and you can get them here.

 candy apples 

Next up were the mini caramel apples.

I grabbed a bag of green apples, my melon baller and 1 can of sweetened condensed milk and some coconut oil.

Boil the can of sweetened condensed milk for 3 hours.

Let it cool then put on the stove in a sauce pan. Add a little coconut oil, and stir. It needs to be liquid enough to roll the apples in.

Roll the apples with the toothpicks in the tops and set on wax paper and cool in refrigeratior. 

I did these the night before and took them out right before the party.

Screen Shot 2014-03-10 at 11.28.28 AM

Next up, I had to make a wreath for my front door. Here are my step by step instructions here. This time I used some blue deco mesh I found at Hobby lobby for 90% off! It was around $1, then added some burlap ribbon and paint a “S” for my daughter’s name in white.

I am going to add some pink and green in order to transition it to a easter wreath in a few weeks!


Then I painted a pallet I scored from Micheal’s to look like a mason jar. I am the worst artist in the world but I am happy with how this turned out! If your looking for a pallet, scour the back of local hardware stores of craft stores and ask them if you can take their unused pallets. This one was free 😉

The only thing I would change would be a brown bow.


I got this life size Elsa Piñata from La Piñata Feliz in thornton, CO. Right when I walked in a spotted Elsa and could not BELIVE how beautiful it was! When I asked the price I snatched that little lady up so quick! It was just a little over $30. It was so well made and the kids had a blast with is!

IMG_9808 IMG_9812 IMG_9813

We played 2 games at the party and the first party was “Pin the nose on Olaf”.

My mom got a metallic poster board because it kind of looked like snow, then a white one as well. I drew Olaf then stuck him up on the poster board and drew arms and some hair. Then just grab some orange card stock and make a bunch of noses for the kids to stick on the board.

snoman game 

Next I played the song “Let it go” by Idina Menzel and the kids split into 2 teams. We used my twins nephews as snow men and the 2 teams had the entire length of the song to wrap them up.  At the end, whoever was covered the most won…of course I couldn’t decide and break a few hearts so they ended in a tie!


Screen Shot 2014-03-10 at 11.58.14 AM 

This was my grand idea for a cake. I just wanted to make it look like Elsa’s blue and white dress. I mean how hard can it be. Bake some cupcakes, put them together and ice them right?? NOPE! I couldn’t get the cupcakes close enough together so there were gaps and lets just say it didn’t look great but you know who doesn’t care…tons of little kids whose only care is how they taste!



I got these AMAZING ceramic colanders at Target for 50% off! I feel in love with them and added lemons made them look too cute!


I found this drink tub at Hobby Lobby for 50% off! It’s got a cute little chalkboard thing in the front you can write whats in it but I guess I got to busy and forgot to write on it.


I made these pom poms that I made for out Zatarain’s Houseparty except in blue, white and tan.

Step by step instructions here. It cost me $6 to make 6. 


I also served ice cold lemonade in mason jars with paper straws. The kids loved it!

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