Come along with me on my weightloss journey starting with a TEN calorie treat!

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Apr 15th

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This last baby had me pushing 200 pounds and I have weighed around 130-120 most of my adult life. PHEW that is hard to admit! You never ask a girl how much they weigh but during my journey I am committed to being 100% transparent and tell you all the details good and bad.

I started a weight loss program last week, which I will blog about tomorrow, and I am going to share the tips and tricks that help me on my weightless journey.

The thing with me is I have a massive sweet tooth. I am on a gluten free, dairy free diet and in order to succeed I have to treat myself every now and then but I found a 10 calorie sweet treat that curbs my sweet tooth.

Nothing says treat like a glass of any of the Four DPSG TEN beverages or sodas and I picked up all 4 at my local Walmart. Does anyone else pour their soda in a fancy glass like me? It makes me feel like I am REALLY getting a treat and let’s face it you barely ever use the china you got for your wedding. 

 IMG_1804Screen Shot 2014-04-15 at 9.31.49 AM

Chasing around 4 kids all day will wear you out so at night I like to take a warm bubble bath along with my glass of 10 sweet sweet calorie 7 up TEN, A&W TEN, Sunkist TEN, or Canadian Dry TEN. 

 If you want to pick some up for yourself, go here to their website and score a coupon! I know all pricing is different but in my Walmart the TEN products were cheaper than the regular which is extra sweet!

I get 500 calories a day to eat whatever I would like so drinking a glass of any of the 4 DPSG soda’s barely tips my toe into my allowance!

IMG_1658 IMG_1662

I have to tell you I am a root beer kind of gal and the A&W TEN hits that sweet spot. It has so much flavor and calms my sweet tooth when I feel like I want to cheat on my diet. I feel like I am slurging when I drink my daily glass of A&W TEN but I am far from it!

To make any diet successful you have to have a plan and I am on a diet that is well laid out and I work my glass of any of the Four DPSG TEN beverages or sodas into my daily meal plan. 


I am down 5 pounds in 1 week and feel great and not deprived at all since I get my daily glass of any of the TEN products. 

 dPSAG diaper bag

I also found these super cute mini bottles. They fit right on my diaper bag so I can grab one on the go.!

Want to see what’s inside my diaper bag….take a look!

 1. Every must in diaper bag essentials is a big bag because a lot is going to go in it!

2. Diapers and wipes

3. Sunkist TEN or any of the DPSG TEN products because a girl has to bring something for yourself!

4. toy for the baby

5. EOS lipbalm

6. Extra cloths and possible a superman cape because you never know when you will need your little one to be a superhero!

7. Aden and Anias blanket…softnest blanket ever!

8. A trusty nursing cover

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