Weight loss weigh in #2

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Apr 23rd

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Week #2 weight in! Last week I weighed 159.4 and this week, 156.1! I was shooting for 155, but I want to lose weight the healthy way and losing 5 pounds a week isn’t bad but not always attainable. I have to make sure I am eating enough and not starving myself. I have to think about it this way, it took me 9 months to put on all this weight and it sure isn’t all going to come off in 24 days. However my goal was to loose 10 pounds and I am only 2 pounds away. 

Goal for next week:

Weigh 152 or loose 4 pounds.

Am I exercising?

I am still doing the Advocare 24 day challenge.   I cannot stand diets that say “I eat a box of cookies a day, never work out and still lose weight!” That is ridiculous.  I am not exercising but I am very active. With 4 kids and some still not sleeping through the night, it’s all I can do to stay awake all day. I haven’t been working out but I am active. 

As a former personal trainer, what you eat is more than half the battle of loosing weight! I know at some point I need to work out to lose all the weight plus get toned but at this point eating right is what is working.

Before pictures: 

Don’t believe I used to be a personal trainer??! Look at this throwback picture from 2002. I really did have a 6 pack!



Here is a picture right after I had Summit, chubby-ness and all! The 6 pack is long gone but I am slowly on the road to get it back!

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