Weightloss weigh in! Week 3!

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May 1st

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Well my 24 day challenge ends tomorrow. I am so excited with the results so far and this week I weighed in a 152. So this week I lost 4 pounds!

My goal next week:


I haven’t seen the 140’s in years!!

What I am excited about:

I no longer wear XL clothes or skivvies! My maternity jeans are loose! Loose I tell you!

I tried on a pair of pre pregnancy jeans and something really weird happened…. THEY FIT!

Admission time:

Before this diet I was getting really overwhelmed with the kids. I don’t think it’s uncommon with 4 kids but since I started this diet I seem to have more patience with them. I am not sure if it’s because I am feeling better about myself or having a clearer head eating so clean but either way I will take it.

For next time:

My diet actually ends tomorrow. I  might post some before and after pictures, we will see! I have some real gems but still want to loose a bit more weight before I let you see the first pictures I took. 

If your trying to lose weight, keep going! I found after the 1st week it got so much easier. I mean I would still rather be munching on cinnamon rolls and not carrots but it got to where I wasn’t even tempted by cheat foods because I was seeing so many results.

And last but not least:

My newest obsession is wearing lipstick. Before starting this weight loss situation I wear yoga pants everyday and rarely wore makeup. Now I find myself wanting to get dressed up more, like not in yoga pants, and even wear lipstick a time or too. 


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