The results are in…

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May 11th

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The results:

My final weight loss results are in. I started at 165 and made it all the way to 150.2!

I am still not at my pre-pregnancy weight so the hardest thing about this diet was facing the reality that my weight loss journey is not over. I took this last week off and didn’t eat terribly but was not strict. Who am I kidding, we lived it up at cheesecake factory last night!

But today is a new day and I am back on the wagon.

I’ve dragged my husband into this situation so we are both going to do a 14 day challenge. We will do our diet for 2 weeks, take a few days off, then do another 14 day challenge. 

My goal:

I hope to loose 10 pounds I gained 1 pound this last week so I would LOVE to weigh 140 but it might be a couple pounds more than that but close!

I will check in next week with my weigh in!


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