What’s in my beach bag? Wet-Nap to wipe away the sand!

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Jul 28th

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Is is possible to live off Wet-Nap products?! In our house we sure do because with 4 kids under the age of 6, things get messy on a daily basis. 

I need products to wipe little dirty faces and fingers or disinfect surfaces so my little ones stay well!

I went to Walmart to stock up on some Wet-Nap Canisters, Wet-Nap Packettes, and a Wet-Nap 110 Ct Pop Up because of their everyday low prices. If your going to stock up too, grab this $.55/1 coupon. At my store all 3 items were priced at $1.97 so only $1.42 after coupon (while supplies last).When your looking for these products, check the Napkin/paper good aisle but I found mine near the shampoo and personal wipes aisle. 

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We do a lot of hiking, camping and swimming in Colorado. We have been going to the beach a lot lately and my kids absolutely LOVE it. The only drawback for this momma is the sand! It’s so funny because the kids love digging in the mud and sand more than even swimming so they are covered in dirt when we leave even if I hose them off before we get into the car. The kids know were always have a ritual before stepping into the car and that is a full de-sand, wipe down. They know it’s time to pull out the Wet-Nap wipes and clean their feet and anything else that has sand on it.

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So before heading out to the beach, I grab my beach bag and throw in my Wet-Nap wipes. 99% of the time after we leave the beach, the kids conk out in the car so it’s important to go ahead and clean them up before they fall asleep in the car. I don’t like getting sand everywhere in my car but I also don’t want to be tracking in sand once me get home.  


It’s so important to wipe away all the sand when we go to the beach especially with my youngest. He is a thumb sucker so I have to make sure and wipe those chubby fingers clean so we don’t get any sand in his mouth. He is a rough and tumble boy and loves getting in the sand, so I am so glad Wet-Nap has improved their wipes and made them, stronger, softer and they now moisturize with Aloe. I must have the best for his sweet skin!

So next time you are in Walmart check out the Wet-Nap products!

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