Q’s Race to the Top Board Game

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Aug 12th

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 I am so excited to be trying out this game before their Kickstarter campaign starting today! EQtainment has come up with such a neat game for kids to to help develop their emotional sides and teach them some valuable lessons. EQtainment has products that help kids practice emotional intelligence through affordable and fun games, books and videos. 

EQ (emotional intellegence) is an important thing to develop in your kids along with their IQ since school helps with their academics but it’s up to the parents and surroundings to develop their EQ or Emotioal Quotient. Having a healthy and delveoped EQ can helps kids in life with their education,  self control, motivation, careers, and much more.

Go here to check out the Kickstarter campaign!

My family is very competitive and we love to have family game nights. When we got this game, my husband had been out of town for 3 weeks and I could not think of a better way to celebrate than game night with  Q’s Race to the Top Board Game. We popped some popcorn, and made their favorite pink lemonade and game night officially commenced!

In this game, “Q’s Race to the Top,” children can help Q the monkey race to the top of his tree house by answering questions and doing fun activities. The questions are designed to promote feeling identification and verbalization, manners, social skills, creative thinking, balance, and coordination all wrapped up in a fun game. This game is best suited for ages 3-12 and 3 of my kids fall into that category. WE have played it twice so far and they bug me everyday to keep playing it! I am so glad they are loving to not only play a game but learn these skills. 

The boardgame includes: 

  • 150 fun question and action cards 
  • 4 colorful Q The Monkey figurines 
  • 1 big green dice 
  • Gameboard featuring the tree house Q built! 
  • The first storybook, Q’s Wild Ride 

I know my kids have great EQ’s but actually getting them to verbalize their feelings and some of the answers to the questions in this game with a little bit of a challenge since they normally don’t do that.

Check out the video below. 


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