HMK…The Newest Hallmark experience

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Aug 16th

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Every now and then I get to go shopping, with just my littles…my baby girl and my 10 month old. My older boys hate shopping so when I can just take the little ones, it is so much fun and since my little girl is a shopaholic like myself, we both have a ball together!

HMK is the newest thing to come out of Hallmark and they just opened a new store in Cherry Creek in Denver! I am kind of obsessed with the Cherry Creek shopping district but with limited parking and 4 kids I never really get to enjoy it, however, if you have little kids or worry about parking, go first thing sunday morning! We went, and not only is parking free on sunday’s but barely anyone was out and we got a parking spot right next to HMK!

HMK is the newest in Hallmark and it is definitely an experience. They specialize in personalizing and offering one of a kind gifts.

As soon as we walked in I got giddy because not only did they offer us cookies…but WARM snicker doodle cookies. That spoke right to my heart…if you know me, you know I can’t turn down a cookie! 

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They had so many things I wanted to snatch up including this color me cape! I almost got it for my little girl but decided since she is can’t color to well yet, I might get it for her for christmas!

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They also had a section of cards but what I loved was they were no ordinary cards. I was just expecting normal Hallmark cards but these cards seem fancier and downright fun! I just loved how bright and colorful they all were. They had me trying to decide who has a birthday coming up next.

Back to the cookies, they even sold the cookie mix and also had other home goods like chevron napkins, aprons, and so much more. I almost bought a set of the napkins but decided maybe when my kids get older, I might be able to set my table without it being messed up by a house full of boys. 

 The employees were so nice and helpful, I cannot wait to go back! This is a store you need to experience!



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