Biscuit Donuts

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Nov 9th


This just happened…in a hotel room, with very little ingredients!

After being on vacation, and trying to make meals out of very few ingredients and with very few cooking utensils, I am realizing there is not a lot out there for people either moving, or on vacation who needs these kinds of meals!

So every day I have been trying my best to make good, healthy meals, with 5 ingredients or less so we don’t have to eat out all the time. Now these aren’t the healthiest things in the world but since I used cinnamon and sugar instead of making icing, I think there was less sugar involved than say going to Krispy Kreme. PLUS we didn’t have to leave the condo to eat and these were completely ready in under 10 minutes!

Biscuit Donuts
Cuisine: breakfast
Prep time: 
Cook time: 
Total time: 
  • 1 can of Grands biscuits(no layers)
  • ½ cup sugar
  • 1 t cinnamon
  • 2 inches of oil in a large pan
  1. Flatten out biscuits and cut a hole in each.
  2. Heat up 2 inches of oil in either a large pan, or deep skillet to medium.
  3. Fry each side of the biscuit for about 2 minutes then take out and let cool on a paper towel.
  4. Dip in mixed sugar and cinnamon.


First cut out the biscuits with a knife. Keep the rounds you cut out for donut holes!


Once your oil is heated up, brown each biscuits for 2 minutes on each side.


Last take out with tongs or a fork. Since we are in a condo, I just had a fork. Let cool for a minute then dip both sides into the sugar and cinnamon that is mixed together.

Then gobble them up!

biscuit donuts

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