Valentine’s Day Gift From My Husband

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Feb 10th

I remember when I was first married and freshly off watching, “The Notebook”.  And for the first few years of us being married I assumed my husband would act like Ryan Gosling in the movie. What I learned over the years is my hubby is a more practical guy than romantic. He thought, “Why would I buy flowers that won’t last long? Why not buy her a deep fryer for Valentine’s Day that everyone can enjoy?” (true story)  I fussed and fussed that he NEVER bought me flowers so one Valentine’s Day he did. Then I went over to my sister’s house and realized my brother-in-law bought her the exact same arrangement. I was annoyed again that my husband and brother-in-law went together to get our flowers.  So again, no Ryan Gosling. 

Then one day I realized…I don’t even like flowers. I mean I like the ones I can grow and enjoy in my own garden but store-bought ones that cost money and die in a few days, no thanks!

I have learned my hubby can’t read my mind.  So I let him know what I would like for Valentine’s Day, whether it’s taking me out to dinner, the exact perfume I want, or the new cookbook I have been eyeing which leads me to this year’s gift. 

We recently moved into a new house and like any house there are some things we want to improve. I had this simple cabinet-type situation I bought from Kmart that I used for my cookbooks. It took up too much room and I wanted a shelf for my cookbooks. I don’t about a closet full of nice clothes or shoes; what I treasure the most are my cookbooks. 


This held my cookbooks for years but it always ended up in a mess and I could never find the cookbooks I wanted until now…

The photo below is what my husband built for me for Valentine’s Day! The reason these cookbooks mean so much to me is a lot of them were given to me from special people, like the one from my husband’s late grandmother who our baby girl is named after. There is something about looking at the handwriting on her cookbooks that makes me feel nostalgic. Or the one my sister gave me when we got married of all of our family’s recipes.  So this thing my husband built could not have been more romantic or perfect. 


 Here is the before and after of our wall. The shelf was built right in the kitchen and now my cookbooks are right at my fingertips. 

wood shelf DIY 

If you have a handy husband, this shelf was relatively easy to make. First I bought these Fleur de Lis brackets on eBay. Second, my husband rounded up some Aspen trees that had been cut down in our yard but you can use any type of tree. He cut the tree in half then screwed the 2 halves together. He cut out some notches in the bottom of the shelf so they would sit nicely on the brackets. 

He offered to sand and stain the shelf but of course I like the rustic look so I love that is is a little rough and not really even!

He even had a sweet little 7-year-old helper. 

Happy Valentine’s Day and remember it’s not about what you get but the thought that’s behind it.  And if it involves chocolate, he’s a keeper.  

 DIY shelf

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