Beats for Beckham

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Apr 6th


I posted the story about Beckham Moreno over a year ago and have been following this sweet family since then, you can check it out here.

Little Beckham passed away last week and his memorial service is today. I don’t even have any words to say to comfort this family because I cannot imagine losing a child. Beckham was very sick at the end but passed away peacefully in the arms of his sweet parents. I will never forget when I miscarried our 4th child and my aunt came up to me and she said she believes there is a room in Heaven full of women who could never have children and those women rock these sweet babies that go to Heaven before their time until their parents can meet up with them again.

That was so hard to hear because all I wanted was to hold our precious baby but in later months it brought such comfort to me.  There will always be held a special place in my heart knowing we will get to see our unborn baby one day.

I have been paying for the Moreno’s for so long and hope they find comfort and peace.

If you would like to donate to this family here is there GoFUNDMe link. The last thing these grieving parents should have to worry about it the financial part of Beckham passing away. Over $28,000.00 has already been raised! What a blessing for this precious family.


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