DIY Wine Barrel Table

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Apr 9th

wine barrel table 

 I am IN LOVE with my new side table in my kitchen! Ever since we moved into our new house I didn’t care for the old set up.

It wasn’t so much the cabinet but the white did not match the rest of my kitchen. The rest of the kitchen has custom cabinets and this was just a particle board setup that took up too much space in our kitchen and I have been wanting to change it for months. 


 I’ve been researching wine barrels and where you can get one and I found the perfect place! I looked on Craigslist but since I’m cautious to buy anything off there, I skipped that pretty quick. Then I asked one of my friends who makes their own wine and they said you could ask a winery if they had any for sale.  But I found those can cost upwards of $500…might as well just buy your own table at that price.

I found Rocky Mountain Barrel company online and dragged my husband to their showroom. He was a little skeptical since half of the time my home improvement projects don’t pan out but I couldn’t get him out of their store! It is amazing! And not only that, the staff was incredibly nice which I appreciated. 

We decided on one of their cull barrels which means they aren’t going to sell it to a brewery or winery. We also got them to staple the belts so the total for our barrel was around $100. Some of their nicer barrels are more expensive but we liked this look best.

Side note they also do custom-made shelves, dog beds, sinks at reasonable prices so if you are in Denver, this is a must see showroom! 


 Here is the before and after! Not only does it look better, but it also gave us more space. 

All my husband did for the top was he used some reclaimed wood which was free and sanded them down and glued them together then screwed them together from the underneath. If you have someone in our family who knows about woodworking, this is an easy project. 

For the side, he went with the circular top of the barrel and made the top rounded. 

He made this in about a day, not including the drying time for the wood glue to dry. 

Comment below if you have any questions!

wine barrel 

 wine barrel pin


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