Silicone Lids and Food Covers Review

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Jul 12th

 *I received these lids free of charge but all opinions are my own.


I can never seem to find a lid for my bowls and pans when I need them and since we love leftovers, I am always in need of ways to store my food in the fridge. These Silicone Lids are great for pots, pans or even bowls. They come in a 2 pack, and the smaller ones are great for bowls so these basically replace having to put plastic wrap over the bowls or pots. All you have to do is press down on them for an airtight seal.

I am not a fan of heating bowls with plastic wrap over them in the microwave.  These lids are a perfect alternative to plastic wrap. These are sturdy enough for the freezer, microwave, oven, & dishwasher. These lids can withstand -40°F to 450°F temperatures. 

Plus these lids are environmentally friendly since they are reusable! Using plastic wrap is not helpful to the environment and being able to use reusable lids like these silicone lids are perfect!

When you order these lids, they come in a 2 pack and it seems like a large and small lid to me that are 10.5 inch & 6 inches. 

To order you a set, go here to


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