Dinner with friends and La Morena

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Aug 24th

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We like to have friends over at least once a week and this week my husband gave me under 12 hours to prepare for a bunch of friends coming over. I decided to go with some tried and true picnic dishes I can make with my eyes closed. All 3 of these dishes are family favorites so I knew they wouldn’t disappoint. These are dishes I make for the big game or when we go on a picnic. 

How can you go wrong with hot wings, bacon wrapped jalapeno mushrooms and warm potato salad??!

Since I was given such short notice for this get together, I ran over to WalMart to get everything I needed. I found the La Morena products is in the hispanic aisle in Walmart. I quickly grabbed some La Morena Chipotle Peppers in Adobo sauce for the hot wings, and some Whole Jalapeños for the potato salad and bacon wrapped mushrooms. The La Morena products added some yummy Latino spices to all these dishes and since we are from the south, we really love some spice in our foods.




1 block cream cheese
1 bunch green onions
sliced jalapenos ( I bought the jar of whole jalapenos then sliced them).
1 package bacon 
cajun seasoning (optional)

First you need to wash the mushrooms. Don’t over water them because they will soak up water. Just wash them enough to get the dirt off.


Next pop the stems out and place the mushrooms on a baking sheet. 


Next get your cream cheese, and chopped green onions in a bowl and seasoning (I just sprinkle a little in) and mix together.


Stuff the mushrooms with the cream cheese mixture.


Then top with a slice of jalapeno pepper. 


Wrap each mushroom with bacon and put a toothpick in. Bake at 400 degrees for 30-45 minutes or until the bacon is cooked.



potato salad 

This is one of my family’s favorite dishes. Most people serve this cold but we like it hot. I was actually going to make deviled eggs but as you can see the eggs didn’t peel very well and I had some potatoes on hand so I turn this into potato salad!


5-8 potatoes
1 T La Morena  jalapenos ( I bought the La Morena whole jalapeno’s and put them in a food processor)
3 hard-boiled eggs
2 T mayo
1 T mustard
salt and pepper



Hard boil your eggs and crush up with a fork. While this is happening, boil your potatoes. 


 In the bowl with the eggs, add the mustard, jalapenos (put them in a food processor for a few seconds) mustard, and salt and pepper. 


Once that is mixed, and the potatoes are done cooking, put the potatoes in a big bowl and mash-up a little. Then add your egg mixture, mix and serve. You can adjust the heat but adding more La Morena jalapenos.  

 hot wings  

These hot wings are SO easy to make and everyone at our party thought they were the perfect amount of heat…not to hot but too to.


package of wings
2 bottles of hot sauce 
oil to fry the wings in
1 stick of butter
1 can of La Morena Chiptole peppers in adobe sauce.



First fry your wings. I had to fry mine in batches. You want to try to cover the wings in oil because they will fry faster. I was down on oil so mine had to cook on each side. I cooked mine in a cast iron skillet on the stove top. 

While those are frying, make your sauce. Melt 1 stick butter into 2 bottles of hot sauce.


Next put your can of La Morena Chipotle peppers in Adobo sauce in a food processor for a few seconds. You don’t want it too clumpy. 



Add 2 T. of this sauce to your hot sauce and mix. Heat your oven to 350 degrees. Once the wings are done frying, put them in a baking dish and pour hot sauce on top. Bake until heated, 10-15 minutes. You should fry your chicken long enough to where they are cooked through so they don’t have to cook in the oven. I use a meat thermometer to make sure they are cooked enough.


We just love sharing meals with friends and are so thankful to have great people in our lives. It takes a village to raise so many kids and thankfully we have a lot of people helping us. 


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