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Sep 7th

*I received a costume free of charge but all opinions are my own.


As a mom of 4 shopping with the kids can get pretty hectic and when it comes to costumes, it can get hairy! Every time we have tried to shop for costumes in a store, it can be stressful with all the choices so I have been buying the kids costumes online for the last few years and am not turning back! What I normally do is going to go to Costume Discounters and find 1 section of their site for each kids. I let each kid, one by one pick their favorite costume and get it ordered before they can change their minds!

This year my little man decided he wanted to be a power ranger. For him he knew he wanted to be a power ranger but wasn’t sure which one so we typed in “power ranger” in the search bar and thankfully he wanted to be the gold one which was the first one that came up in our search!


I always go one size bigger when it comes to costumes. Silar normally wears a size 6 which would fall into the small size but I went ahead and got the medium for a size 7-8 because you dont want the costume to be to tight and be fighting it while they are trick or treating. This costume fits him perfectly and he loves it and every morning when we wake up, he someone finds a way to sneak it on and wear for most of the day.


And sometimes he poses for me without asking! I can tell even after Halloween this will go into their regular costume dress up rotation.


One of my favorite things about Costume Discounters is their prices! This Power Ranger Costume is 20% off right now and with their already low prices, it’s a steal. Having to buy 4 costumes is not cheap but with Costume discounters, they make it affordable.

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