Poise Impressa so you can laugh without leaks

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Oct 30th

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Having 4 kids via C-section can do a number on anyone and after 8 child-bearing years it sure has for me. I wouldn’t trade the stretch marks and big scars for anything since we have 4 healthy kids. But there are some things I simply cannot do anymore. I will never forget a few months back my kids wanted me to jump on the trampoline. I used to jump on trampolines every day growing up so I decided to join in the fun. After a few jumps I realized not everything in my body is as it used to be and everything felt loose! I told my son I thought my bladder was going to fall out! When you have had 1 or 4 kids, jumping or exercise can cause leakage and Poise Impressa has come to our rescue!


He is 8 and was horrified that I even said that, haha! I decided to go with the “momma is too old” to jump excuse. But really I know it’s just 4 babies have done a number on my former body to be able to jump. And I am not a mom who likes to sit on the sidelines. I want my kids to remember the fun times we’ve played together and not the times I had to sit out.


I sure don’t like to miss out on these fun moments with my kids. So I decided to try Poise Impressa that I bought at Target.

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At Target there is an aisle for feminine products and on a different aisle is the Poise products. Look for the special display with the sizing kit. To figure out what size you need, start with Size 1, and if you still leak, move to size 2, then size 3 if necessary. Poise Impressa Bladder Supports are right for you if you leak urine when you laugh, cough, dance, sneeze, or exercise. If you leak urine when you have a sudden need or rush to urinate, Poise Impressa Bladder Supports are NOT for you. Try Poise liners and pads for Urge Urinary Incontinence.


When you are deciding on what size you need, remember, the size is not about how much you leak or how much you weigh. Keep in mind it’s about the best internal fit for you. The Poise Impressa bladder supports are inserted like a tampon so if you have ever used a tampon, they are very easy to use.


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Plus when you purchase Poise Impressa at Target you can get a $25 promo code to Cloud9Living.com. This is a Poise Impressa rewards program and it’s pretty easy to do! Check out the steps below.

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Now I can jump on the trampoline and not miss out on the fun active moments with my kids! What would you do?

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