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Nov 3rd

I participated in an Influencer Activation on behalf of Influence Central for KitchenIQ. I received promotional items to thank me for my participation.



I recently threw a party with Kitchen IQ appliances. I invited some people over to show them the products and of course we had a blast. If kitchen tools and food are requirements of the party, it has to be fun!

KitchenIQ is a line of products aiming to make your time in the kitchen easier! We got to try out The Better Zester, the The potato tool and The Edge Knife Sharpening Tool. Of course I loved all 3 and have been thinking about purchasing them for some time now.


First let’s get into The Edge Grip Knife sharpener! Every time my dad comes over to my house, he always says how my knives are always dull. And the reason why they are dull you ask???? Because I have never sharpened them! I didn’t even know my knife set came with a knife sharpener. But it doesn’t matter anyway since my dad was excited about this tool and showed me how to use it. It’s amazing how easy a sharp knife is to use. 


We love guacamole in our house and if you have ever cut into an avocado, you know they can be tough to cut. So I made some guacamole and used my freshly sharpened knife on the avocado after sharpening it with the The Edge Grip Knife sharpener. It cut like a dream! It has 2 stages of sharpening with a coarse and a fine slot so you can decide how sharp you want your knife. The knife set I used was given to me by some friends. It is one of the nicest knife sets on the market! Every time my dad comes over he always makes sure those knives are sharpened because you want to take care of something that nice!

Next we tried out the Better Zester and boy am I in love with this one! Let know show you how we used it! First I poured some lemonade into some pitchers. 


Next I grabbed some lemons and got to zesting! In my opinion if you’re zesting something, I like to go with organic items since you will either be eating or drinking the zest.


The best part about this tool is the lemon zest is caught right in the little tray under the zester and it measures how much you have in it!


Once you have zested your lemon, pour the zest into your lemonade.



And the potato tool is amazing too! I just bought a 5 pound bag of russet potatoes and boy those can be dirty! I love the The Potato Tool because it has non-stick stainless steel coated blades on the straight edge peeler and paring knife and a scrub brush for cleaning potatoes! But you could also use it to scrub other vegetables too! The Paring knife stores safely inside the peeler handle so it’s a safe tool as well!

 Sometimes all you need for a good party, is good food, good friends and lots of laughs!


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