Spider-wiches with Peter Pan® Simply Ground Peanut Butter

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Nov 5th

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Peter Pan® Simply Ground Peanut ButterPeter Pan® Simply Ground Peanut Butter

We love peanut butter in our house so we were pretty excited to try out the new Peter Pan® Simply Ground Peanut Butter. I have really been trying to make my kids food more fun because they will eat more when I do. So today for an after-school snack I decided on spider-wiches. Fall is in full swing here so what better way to eat a PB&J than when it looks like a spider?


These are so easy to make and your kids will gobble them up. I even had to have one myself because it looked so good. The Peter Pan® Simply Ground Peanut Butter is creamy with a BIT OF CRUNCH and has no artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives. And don’t worry when you open this peanut butter, there is no need to stir it! It seriously looks like someone came to my house, ground up some peanuts and put it in a jar in my pantry. But don’t worry just because it’s chunky does not mean it’s hard to spread on your bread! In fact, it’s so easy to spread without tearing your bread.

Go to Walmart and scope out the peanut butter aisle. Look for the Peter Pan® Simply Ground Peanut Butter near the other Peter Pan® Peanut Butter’s.

walmart peter pan

First you cut your bread into circles. It’s best using a circle cookie cutter but when I am in a pinch, I use a large rimmed glass. It works pretty good! But I finally found my biscuit cutters so I used those for today! I had a small and large one so I used both so I could get 2 circles out of 1 piece of bread.




Next put Peter Pan® Simply Ground Peanut Butter on one side and your choice of jelly on the other. I always go with strawberry jelly instead of grape but any kind will do.



Next stick some pretzels on both sides for the legs.


For the smaller sandwiches, I broke the pretzels in half for the legs.


Lastly put some raisins on the tip for the eyes! However when I went to go find my raisins, I found out they were all gone, so I used chocolate chips! Either will work. Then you are done!

After making your Peter Pan® Simply Ground Peanut Butter Spider-wiches, then you can grab the kids to make this fun spider web hand-painted printable! Just click the link below to print out the spider web printable.

spider web printable

Next grab your paint of choice and some sweet little hands.

Dip the kids hands in the paint and put on the paper, back to back. Let dry then hang on the fridge.

Peter Pan® Simply Ground Peanut Butter spider web painting 

What is your favorite Peanut Butter flavor? Take the fun quiz here: http://cbi.as/vyn6 plus you can also get a coupon and access to more peanut butter recipes! Yummy!

spider wiches

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