Cascade Ice Water

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Jan 20th
  • I was sent products for my review but all opinions are my own.


Since we live in Colorado, we have to drink more water than people at lower elevations so as much as I love plain water I also love flavorful water like Cascade Ice Water. A fun little package showed up at my door to try some out! I just love that it’s zero calorie, gluten-free and caffeine free! Check back to my blog later on today about how I had to totally give it up caffeine and this product is something I can drink and not worry about caffeine. 


I should have known better to hide this from my kids because they were grabbing them left and right before I could even get one! I got to try out the zero calorie water and the organic Cascade Ice as well. Both were delicious! After getting these drinks in, I realized I had been drinking these for years, they just had new packaging so I have been a fan for a long time. 

Cascade Ice Water doesn’t have all the unhealthy extras most flavored waters have in them so you can enjoy their refreshing taste.


To find out more about Cascade Ice Water or to find where to buy some, go here.

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