DIY First aid kit with Chic-Fil-A’s Southwest salad

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May 31st

 I am part of the Chic-Fil-A mom’s panel and was given a free coupon for the salad in order to complete this project.

diy first aid kit

This week I got to try out the new Chic-Fil-A Spicy Southwest salad and come up with a fun way to upcycle the salad bowl. This salad is incredible and I will definitely be trying it again. In fact, just last night I needed some more veggies with the fish we were going to eat. So I swung by Chic-Fil-A and grabbed another salad. For me, I went with the avocado lime dressing and that made this salad irresistible! My husband and I are trying to eat better these days so this is something we can enjoy together. 

After we chowed down on the salad, I washed out the bowl and enlisted my kids to help me paint our DIY first-aid kit. I don’t know about you but when my kids get the smallest scratch, they must have a band-aid to make it better!  Half of the time I don’t have any on hand. With this first-aid kit, we can always have what we need at an arm’s reach. 

First we painted the bottom blue. I let my 5-year-old do this since it didn’t have to be perfect. 


Next we painted the top with red on the sides and white in the middle then let it dry.


For the cross on the top, I used sticky athletic tape but you can even paint it too. 


Then we filled our container with all the first-aid supplies we need.


It’s small enough to fit under your car seat so you can take it when you travel! 

Thanks Chic-Fil-A for the fun challenge!

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