Gimmee Jimmy’s Cookies

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Jul 26th

I was provided a free tin of cookies for this review.  


I think my dream just came true when I became a cookie freshness tester for Gimmee Jimmy’s cookies. They sent me a tin of cookies and asked me to taste them over 7 days to see how long their freshness lasts. The hardest part was not eating all the cookies on the day they arrived!

They came in a cute tin, and were wrapped up nice in a few layers. I kept the cookies in their tin kept them wrapped as much as possible in the original wrapping to keep them their freshest. The first day it was like they just came out of the oven and had been cooling on the counter. I loved that the cookies looked homemade to me. Meaning they were mass-produced but made with love! No wonder because their cookies are fresh-baked every day and  from a spotless kitchen using the freshest all natural selected ingredients with no artificial anything.

My husband has not figured this out yet after 11 years of marriage but I don’t care for flowers. If he wanted to do something nice for me, get me something to eat! If he gave me something like a tin of Gimmee Jimmy’s cookies, he would get tons of brownie points!


Day 3 they tasted as fresh as they did on day one. I probably ate 2-3 a day and so did my kids. Listen it’s hard to have such yummy cookies in the house and not eat them all.


I thought they tasted as fresh on day 7 as they did on day 1! I was pleasantly surprised they lasted so long. This is something I could get for my family or send to someone and know they will be fresh and yummy for days to come.

They were even good until the last cookie crumble in the bottom on the tin!


If you want to order some cookies for yourself or someone you really love, check out!

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