Mason Jar Flower holders to hang on your wall!

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Jul 26th

I received free flowers for this craft. 

mason jar flowers  

This mason jar flower vase wall hanging is super easy to make and when you put fresh hydrangeas in them, it is the most beautiful thing you could hang on your wall. When we lived in Louisiana I didn’t know a lot about planting flowers but I planted 2 hydrangea bushes and they turned into the most amazing plants I have ever seen. Every year I could not wait for them to bloom. They were bursting with all kinds of colors so I decided I had to use this variety for this craft. sent me this arraignment of flowers and I could not believe how exquisite they were! I loved they kept their shape and were like I had just cut them from my yard. They have so many flowers I wanted to use, it was hard to choose but I am glad I went with the Hydrangeas. The fun thing about this craft is when my flowers die, I just replace them with another kind so I try to have fresh flowers every week in our house, or at least when we are having company over.

You can fill the mason jars with water to keep the flowers hydrated.

Here is all the supplies you need for this craft:

3 mason jars

12 screws

6 horseshoe hangers

1 piece of rough wood

Fresh flowers from The exact one I got were the Rainbow of colorsHydrangeas.

.You can get mason jars of any size and bring them to your local hardware store and find some horseshoe hangers that can fit around them. Also buy the screws that can fit in the horseshoe hangers. For the wood, if you don’t have any scraps lying around, I saw some similar pieces to this one at Hobby Lobby.


For this project you can pre-drill the screw holes so you know where they are going to go. I made a little mark for each ones so they were all lined up. You will need 4 holes per jar. 2 on the bottom and 2 on the top.



These flowers are so beautiful from Fifty Flowers, some of the flowers I had leftover from this project sat in my window. There is something so refreshing about having fresh flowers in your house.


To order flowers for yourself, check out I was so happy with their service, their product and will use them again. The flowers I was sent were so lush and gorgeous.

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