Grab smartwater sparkling water to keep your hydrated this summer

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Aug 10th

I was sent free samples of this product for my honest review.


I use to drink sugary sodas every single day until I realized I wasn’t 16 anymore and after having 4 kids I can no longer eat or drink whatever I want and still feel good. I cut out all the sugary drinks and have switched to sparkling water and feel great. I used to not even like drinking water but then we moved to the mountains and I don’t really have a choice anymore. I have to stay hydrated and keep my kids drinking as well so I have been looking for yummy sparkling waters that we can all enjoy.

I am in love with the new smartwater sparkling water that is vapor-distilled bottled water with added electrolytes for a cool crisp taste. We have a little drink fridge in our kitchen so our guests don’t have to wonder where are drinks are and I am filling it with smartwater sparkling water this summer.

This new drink is basically your favorite bottles smartwater with a little added bubbles.

smartwater sparkling launched in one-liter bottles in los angeles, miami and new york city in Q4 of 2015. since then, it has expanded to additional markets throughout the country and is also now available in 20 ounce single serve bottles and 6-packs. 

smartwater sparkling can be found in large store, mass, drug, food service and on-premise outlets (ie. restaurants, hotels), clubs and e-commerce outlets (ie. Amazon Fresh, Fresh Direct) alongside other premium sparkling waters.

When you try it, let me know what you think.



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