DIY Book Knife Holder

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Sep 10th


I made a quick and fun project this week I wanted to share. I went to our local Restore in Denver and found they had a huge library of books and hardback books were only $1 so I bought 4 and made this cute knife holder. I like it because it looks way cuter on my counter than the same ole knife holder everyone else has.

It was so easy to make and I will show you how.

All you need is 4 books the same height (does not matter on width) and a glue gun or super glue. I realized when I started hot gluing that one of my books had a plastic cover which the hot glue would melt so I went with super glue for mine.

Glue each book together and let sit for about a day with something heavy on top. I used a cast iron skillet. If you use hot glue you don’t have to wait because once the glue melts, it will be found. Stand right-side up and tie some raffia around it and stick your knives in the top.

It’s that easy!  This would be a easy and cheap christmas gift!





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