DIY Reclaimed Wood Pumpkins

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Sep 12th


Football and hunting season is here so it means I have officially lost my husband so if I want to hangout with him, I have to get into football. Which isn’t to bad since I do like watching it but I also like to be busy while watching it. Yesterday I wanted to make some cute fall decorations for the house. We have a small part of our fence that we replaced so we had some scrap wood and I decided to make some reclaimed wood pumpkins.


First I took a black marker and marked out the outlines of 3 pumpkins, all different sizes. They don’t have to be perfect because pumpkins aren’t all the same sizes!

Then I took a jigsaw and cut out the pumpkins.


You can either piece together the pumpkin with hot glue or wood glue. I went with hot glue so I had to glue the insides together then put a layer on the top and bottom of each crack. It’s not the best hold in the world and wood glue would hold better but the hot glue dries faster. 

Since you probably won’t be handling these all that often, hot glue should do as long as the wood you are using is light.


After the hot glue dried, we painted ours. Once that dried I sanded them a little to make them look more rustic.


For the stem I just screwed a square piece into the pumpkin. Our fence was green so I just cut off a piece and didn’t have to paint it.


For the burlap bows, I used this tutorial. I hot glued some pinecones on the finished bow then hot glued it to the pumpkin. The little curly q’s are from Hobby Lobby and I hot glued those on as well. 




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