DIY Dollar Store Fall Centerpiece

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Sep 16th


I have really been in the crafting mood lately and wanted to spice up my fall table with this really easy centerpiece. My secret for the fall florals was getting them at the Dollar Tree! They were all $1 each so I could get a really thick display for a fraction of the price it would cost at a regular store.

I also got the green block to stick the florals in at the dollar tree as well. I had to get the fake carving pumpkin at Walmart because the ones they had at the dollar store were too small. So this little project costs me around $15!

So all you need is a fake carving pumpkin, fall florals and a green floral block.


First cut out the top of the pumpkin. It doesn’t need to be really big or the florals will fall out. I did it big enough to stick the floral block inside.


Shove the floral block inside and fill with flowers. So easy. I hope your loving fall as much as I am right now.

Here is the finished project on our dining room table. I am in love!



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