#Refreshinglyhonest with Honest Tea and Trista Sutter

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Oct 26th



Somebody pinch me because over the weekend I attended a brunch at The Kitchen in Denver with Honest Tea and the Bachelorettes Trista Sutter. I told how her I watched her husband Ryan and her get engaged on my college dorm room and we screamed so loud we got in trouble by our RA. Now I am 32, and have 4 kids and am still a fan of hers so we have basically been friends for over 10 years 😉


So when Honest Tea asked me to attend a brunch with them hosted by Trista, I jumped at the chance! I also am a Honest Tea fanatic so this was a match made in heaven. My friends like to joke with my about how healthy my kid’s school is because I told them once for a class party they requested ONLY Honest Kids juice pouches for the kids and I am proud of it!



I brought my friends Ashley with me and she said other than water and milk, the Honest Tea Juice boxes are the only things her kids drink so she was a fan too.


It seriously looked like something out of a magazine. The Kitchen Denver is one of Denvers Top Rated places to eat so I was so excited they were hosting the brunch. We arrived to the most beautiful decor and they had a zillion of my favorite pumpkins. You know the cinderella pumpkins? I want all of them!


The food was incredible and they even had linen napkins. They added a special touch to every single thing.


Honest Tea also made us these delicious drinks. I will have to hunt up the recipes because I wanted 2nds and 3rds of them!


Maybe the best part of the brunch was the Q&A with Trista. She was so refreshingly candid and honest and even gave us tips on how to deal with negative people online. She talked about sharing real moments on her social channels along and how important it is for everyone to see that we are all women, mom’s, wifes, ect. going through the same things. 

One point that really resonated with me is how she said she only partners with brand that she believes in because I share the same philosophy. I was so excited about this lunch because Trista was a part of it but also because I believe in the Honest Tea brand. I love their mission, their products and after being spoiled at this brunch, I love everything about them!



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