Warrior Dash Colorado with Delta Faucets

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Oct 26th

Thank you Delta Faucets for sponsoring todays post.  

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I would love to say that I am super in shape and ready to run a 5K, but this seriously isn’t the case. I am however working on it instead of just complaining about it! I am trying to work out 5 days a week and I am slowly seeing progress! I feel so good when I get outside and exercise so I could not wait for the Warrior dash in Colorado! I have only heard amazing things about it. What I loved about this race is even though I walked some of the course, and was winded the entire time, I still had a blast. I accidentally signed up for the competition heat which means the people who ran my heat where in it to win it. I quickly fell to the back of the pack but found a friend who was on my level. We ran the whole race together and finished together! We laughed when we couldn’t run a step further and helped each other through the mud. The warrior dash has 12 world-class obstacles including bounding over fire and wading through mud. It’s just as fun as it sounds!


The best part of the race was probably getting to wash off in the outdoor Delta Faucet Karaoke station! It had 40 Delta H2Okinetic® showerheads and a place where you can rinse off while singing karaoke. They made this event so fun, I cannot wait to do it again. I seriously don’t remember if I have ever been this muddy in my life so the Delta Faucet shower station cleaned me up. 


Delta also sent me a H2Okinetic showerhead to use at my own house. Little did they know how in dire need of a shower head we were. We moved into our house 2 years ago and I have hated the shower head in our shower the whole time. Our shower is incredible and overlooks the majestic rocky mountains but half of the nozzles were broken and they sprayed 12,000 different ways. I would just shower in the kids room because I hated that shower head.


So the 40 Delta H2Okinetic® showerhead was a saving grace. The neat thing about these shower heads is they contain an internal system that controls the speed, movement and droplet size of the water, which creates the feeling of more water without using more water. Our bathroom is on the 3rd floor and since we have a well, we don’t get a lot of water pressure so this was the perfect solution for our shower. It has 3X more coverage than a regular shower head so check one out today!


You can get more into on DeltaFaucet.com.


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