Put Vtech toys on your kids Christmas lists this year

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Oct 30th

Thank you Vtech for sponsoring todays post. 


My youngest is so bright and I think it’s because he watches his older siblings so much. He talked and walked sooner than the other ones because I think he was just trying to keep up. He also plays with toys more than his older siblings so he ripped open this box of Vtech toys as soon as they came in! Today I am going to tell you about some great toys that you should put on your kids christmas lists:

 VTech® Pull & Learn Alligator™ (18 months-4 years)

 VTech® Spin & Learn Color Flashlight® (1-3 years)

 VTech® Ring & Learn Cash Register™ (1-3 years)

 VTech® Bizzy the Mix & Move Bot™ (2-5 years)


The Pull & Learn Alligator™ by VTech® is fun for teaching kids about letters and phonics. It has 5 play modes and 26 letter buttons to help your kids learn and have fun. You can also pull the alligator around to watch his head move, his tail light up, and his mouth open for fun and interactive play. It also has 125 + songs so your child can sing along.

My son loved having his own flashlight with the Spin & Learn Color Flashlight® by VTech®! When he would press the little turtle on the handle, it would light up like a real flashlight. He felt like he was just as big as his older siblings carrying this toy around. Plus he figured out how to shine the flashlight in a bunch of different colors. He keeps this beside his bed every night.


My kids go shopping with me enough to know how a cash register works so they love to play store with the Ring & Learn Cash Register™ by VTech®. You can actually weigh the food, ring up the customers order and use a credit card to pay for your purchases. His big sister loved playing with this toy as much as he did because they could play with it together. It’s great for imaginative play. 


The toy that garnered the attention of my kids 9-3 was the Bizzy the Mix & Move Bot™ by VTech. All ages of my kids love this toy. It comes with 10 interactive accessories so for example when you put the pirate hat on Bizzy, he will look for treasure! He dances, walks around and will keep your kids entertained for hours. My kids really loved to make him dance. 

WE loved all of these toys and they would be great in your kids christmas lists this year.

For more info, go to VtechKids.com.

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