Best Choice Products Kids Electric Guitar Play Set Review

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Nov 9th

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If you have a little girl in our life, you have to listen up because this is going to be a hot toy this holiday season! The Best Choice Products Kids Electric Guitar Play Set is an incredible toy that will bring out the pop-star in any little girl. It comes with a MP3 player, microphone, and amp. The frame is made out of non-toxic, ABS plastic and designed with 6 strings and lights along the base. It’s a light guitar so it was easy for my 5-year-old to hold and play with.


It warmed my heart when I walked outside and saw my little girl, sitting in her chair, watching her brothers play football while she sang to them. She is absolutely in love with this playset! And I have to say my boys even loved playing with it so they all had to take turns playing it. It plays 6 different music demos and the amp really makes the sound pretty loud coming from such a small toy! But not to loud 😉

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