DIY Reclaimed wood picture frames with HP Social Media Snapshots

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Nov 9th

Thank you HP for sponsoring todays post. #HPMillennials #StickAPic


I am in love with my HP wireless printer because I used to just have thousands of pictures just sitting on my phone but now I am able to print them out! I decided to make these cute DIY reclaimed wood picture frames for my kids. And since I used a clothes pin, the kids can change out the pictures when we print new ones. These are all pictures from our Halloween festivities. I use the HP deskjet printer to print all my pictures wirelessly. 

And I love the HP Social Media Snapshots because you can use the HP app to print the pictures with cute borders and it even has a sticky back if you want to just stick them somewhere.


First up you need to grab some scrap wood and cut it into 3″X3″. I made 4 of them so I needed 8 pieces.


Since these are small you can just use hot glue. Hot glue 2 of the pieces together.


And hold it together until it is cooled.


Then I put a line of hot glue on the back for extra support.


Then hot glue a clothespin on top.


I have 3 boys and 1 girl so for the girls frame I made a little burlap bow and added some raffia. Then just print your pictures with the HP Social Media Snapshots and clip them to the frames. It’s such an easy project and you can display all those pictures you take on your phone. 


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