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Nov 19th

Thank you Dealspotr for sponsoring todays post.



I can say now that I am a former extreme couponoer. One day I might pick it back up but my life has gotten busier and I don’t have the time to devote to it. I still love saving money so I needed a place where I can find the deals I want in one place without having to look at a million blogs. You can set up all the types of deals you are interested in your feed. You just click on Dealspotr to find everything you need all in one place.

Dealspotr focuses on making posting deals quick and easy, while also making finding deals easier than on more traditional forums. Also, on Dealspotr members earn rewards for sharing deals. Now that is my favorite part that you can be rewarded! You can earn gift cards or paypal $$ by doing something as simple as sharing a deal!

Dealspotr is super easy to use and you can easily earn $10 your first day using it. Since you get more points when you post a deal that gets a lot of attention, people are al trying to post amazing deals to earn more points which means hot deals are posted all the time. Dealspotr is similar to sites like FatWallet and Slickdeals but the difference is with Dealspotr you get paid to post and find deals!

With Christmas coming up, I am trying to save money anywhere possible and using Dealspotr is a great way to find ways to save money on the gifts you need to buy.

hob lobls 

Finding a deal is as easy as walking into a store and noticing a good sale. This week I walked into Hobby lobby looking for one thing and the next thing I know I am stuffing my cart with fall items that are 80% off! I took a picture of the sale then uploaded it to Dealspotr.


I earned 8 points for just sharing the deal and if the deal gets noticed by others, I will earn even more! It was super easy to upload the deal and only took about a minute. It was an easy walk through process that anyone can do with ease.

Dealspotr is more of a social media deal sharing community curated by the users. And you don’t even have to post deals if you don’t want to. If your just looking to save money, Dealspotr is the place to be for that. It’s similar to a facebook feed where you can scroll through a deal sharing bonanza. You can subscribe to brands you love or just an general category of things you can interested in so your feed is only the things you want to see.

You can find a great list of online promo codes that actually works instead of a long list of codes that are expired. Dealspotr’s 30,000 members are there to let us know which coupon codes are still active so we don’t have to search. Since launching one year ago, Dealspotr has saved shoppers over $15 million. Now that’s a lot of money-saving!

I love ebates where you can get rewarded for shopping. What’s neat about Dealspotr is similar to cashback sites in that you’re rewarded for participating, but we’re unique in that you don’t need to purchase anything to earn rewards. So you don’t have to actually spend any money to earn rewards. They make it easy to earn rewards. So the more you contribute, the more rewards you will earn. And with the holiday coming up start earning rewards now!

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