Sonic Lil Grillers

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Feb 8th

Thank you Sonic for sponsoring todays post! 


We live in a small mountain town and thank goodness for Sonic drive in! It is our after school hot spot that we try to hit at least once a week for happy hour. It’s so nice to have an quick and easy place to go that my kids love.

And now we have even more if a reason to go because of the Lil’ Grillers! Lil’ Grillers are mini sourdough toast, warmed up with melty American cheese. But it doesn’t stop there! You can add crispy chicken, a burger or even breakfast nestled into their Lil’ Griller. Lil’ Griller options available all day include: Lil’ Cheese Griller, Lil’ Chickie Griller with a Chicken Strip and Buffalo Sauce, Lil’ Patty Griller with 100% Beef Patty and Ketchup, Lil’ Breakfast Griller with egg and your choice of bacon or sausage. 

The grilled cheese Lil’ Grillers start at just $.79 so I was able to get all 4 kids a Lil’ Griller, and happy hour drinks for just a little over $10! Talk about a great way to get the kids a snack and not ruin their dinner. 

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