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Feb 13th


*LISTEN UP GUYS! This is a great last minute Valentines day present! Contact Kerry to order a gift card!

To be honest, I have been stalking Lipsense for a while now! I have heard such good thing and couldn’t wait to try it out. Kerry from Kerry’s Kissable LipColor sent me some to review! Check out here website here!

I have big white chiclet teeth and I love to wear red lipstick but it never fails that I have lipstick on my teeth or my kids won’t let me kiss them. Lipsense is an answered prayer! This lipstick not only does NOT get on my teeth but it stays on all day. I have even gotten red lipstick on my clothes before and it is so hard to get out.

When you order Lipsense, you need to follow the directions in order for it to go on correctly and stay on all day. It only takes a few minutes to apply for all day wear. Start off by getting a starter kit that comes with a lip color of your choice, a gloss and some remover. The gloss is fantastic because you can reapply it anytime your lips get dry. OR you can even wear the gloss by itself. 

And don’t worry if your not a big red color fan, they have TONS of colors! I have my eye on about 5 of them!

To order yours, go here!

IMG_2230 IMG_2231 

This pictures was taken after a long day of wrestling kids, carpooling, a nap and walking 2 dogs. It’s still on just like when I applied it.


For more info check out Kerry’s Kissable Lip Color.

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