New iron to the rescue with Rowenta

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Mar 17th


There are a lot of things I can do well but ironing is not one of them. I do all the laundry in our house but I serisouly cannot iron clothes to save my life. But I decided I might can be half decent at it if I got a new iron so I tried out the Rowenta Steam Care Iron.

This iron is a no setting iron so you don’t have to try and figure out what setting to use because it just has one! It features a powerful steam output for efficient results, and a Microsteam 350 soleplate with precision tip for great steam coverage and excellent detailed ironing.

My husband works in a corporate setting and something I a called to iron his shirts. I normally do a horrible job but with this new iron, I can effortlessly iron his clothes. I hate irons that make you work so hard and barely deliver results but I can say this iron delivers for me.

And since it has no settings, the iron is safe to iron on all fabrics with no worry of burning. And get this, it can put out vertical steam so if you need to steam a large garment, you can!

You can buy in store or online, go here to get more info!


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