Check out this DIY Car organizer for your dog with PEDIGREE® Pouches

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Apr 4th

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DIY car organizer 

cedar pedigree

I grew up in Louisiana on a small farm where we had tons of dogs. I still remember the names of my dogs when I was younger and still have fond memories of them. Now I have a family of 6 and when we rescued a mastiff from the local rescue, my family was over the moon. Unfortunately my 2nd oldest had a severe dog allergy, which was bad enough to where our doctor told us we had to give away our dog chopper. 

We waited for 2 years and finally found a hypoallergenic puppy for our family. I know everyone’s dog is special to them and to us, our sweet Cedar the Goldendoodle is an answer to prayer. My son has not had any allergic reactions to Cedar and Cedar is currently being trained to become a service dog.

So for us, only the best dog food will do! That’s why we are using PEDIGREE® Pouches Beef, Bacon, & Cheese/Hearty Chicken and PEDIGREE® Dry Complete Nutrition Chicken dry dog food. 



After getting our puppy Cedar, we got a little black curly headed poodle and named her Juniper. To feed 2 dogs, it takes a lot of food, so I went shopping at Walmart for some PEDIGREE® products. I found the wet and dry food on the same aisle just on opposite sides! The PEDIGREE® Pouches with Beef, Bacon, & Cheese/Hearty Chicken are a great snack or meal topper while the PEDIGREE® Dry Complete Nutrition Chicken dry food is for every day meals! 

I’ve noticed with our dogs, they seem to enjoy having PEDIGREE® Pouches as a topper to their dry food or I can bring them on the go if we are out and about.

walmart pedigree2 pedigree walmart1 

And I made a tutorial for this super easy DIY dog organizer for your dog! I can’t tell you how many times we loose our leashes so I have been looking for something to put in our car where I can stash all the dogs items.

I found this car organizer in the automotive department at Walmart. Then I headed over to the craft section and bought some large washi tape and some skinny kind. The large is the dog print and the small is the light blue.


First, I added the light blue around the bottom of the organizer. Leave enough room to fold over the tape because it makes it stick better.


Just fold over the edges on the sides.


Next I put some of the large dog print tape in the middle of the organizer. 


On the top sides of the organizer I added more of the large tape.



Then use more of the light blue tape for the very top.


IMG_9607 IMG_9608

This is super easy to make and I can carry my dogs leashes, collapsable water bowl, water bottle, and PEDIGREE® Pouches with Beef, Bacon, & Cheese/Hearty Chicken for an easy on the go solution to you dogs riding in the car with you.


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Do you have any hacks to traveling with your pets? Comment below!


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