Precious Moments Angel Doll

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Apr 13th

Thank you Precious Moments for the sample. IMG_9984 
 How gorgeous is this Precious Moments doll? I gave this to my little girl for easter and I wish you could have seen how her eyes lit up when I showed it to her. She is my only little girl so it’s so special when I get to share moments like this with her.

This doll is called the “Easter Blessings” doll and it is the sweetest doll I have ever seen. It has these beautiful wings on her that make this doll so special. This doll is limited to 100 dolls and mine was the 56th so you better order this one soon before it sells out. It is called the Easter blessings doll but really you could play with this doll year round.

The flower crown on her head is so pretty and her dress is so sweet. I remember getting Precious moments dolls when I was little and now I get to share them with my little girl.


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