Jump into spring with prAna

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Apr 18th

Thank you prAna for the samples! 


prana 4

I wear yoga pants almost everyday. The weather is turning warm, I am thinking about all those long hots days where I will want to wear a tank top so I was in search for some comfy clothes I could wear to work out and to pick up my kids from school. 

prana 2

I wandered into R.E.I. and found this beautiful prAna display and I wanted every piece on the rack. Every piece of prAna that I own, I basically live in. Plus prAna offers sustainable, recycled, fair trade certified and hemp items so you can feel good about every purchase you make. So keep in mind, prANa clothing is mindfully made in order to support fair trade and sustainable practices.


And did you know that all the designers test all of prAna’s clothing based on their own love for outdoor activities so their clothes are capable when you play hard. 

Want to know why buying organic matters…go here!

Plus while you are checking out the amazing clothes from prAna, use coupon code: MHMS17CW  to get 15% off their purchases until May 19. Shop at prAna.com.

1Can we talk about this amazing shirt real quick? This is called the Parker Sweater and I am in love. In the spring and summer in Colorado you need to be prepared for 3 season changes at once so even on hot days, you need to bring a sweater like the Parker sweater when that cool breeze hits. I just wore a tank top underneath so if it gets to warm, I can tie it around my waste.

IMG_0064IMG_0092 prana 5


And can we take a moment of silence for these pants? They are called the Juniper pant and I have been looking all over for some flare leg yoga pants. I could sleep in these they are so comfy. It doesn’t hurt that my puppies name is Juniper so these pants were a match made in heaven.

Check out prAna.com for these clothes and more.



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