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May 2nd

Thank you Buntoppers for the sample to review.

  sayla jewell 

I love having a little girl because they just come out with the cutest things for them! Check out these Buntoppers!! It’s a really fun new hair accessory for girls and I cannot get enough of them. I would make my girl wear 12 in bows if she would let me but she refuses bows but this is right up her alley. 

BUNTOPPERS are little pins you can put in your little girls hair and you can find a character who looks like you or like your sister or best friend and wear her in your bun, braid or ponytail. My girl wears ponytails a few days a week and these BUNTOPPERS totally dress up her ponytail! 

Each BUNTOPPERS character has her own distinct personality, interests, and talents giving  girls a variety of BUNTOPPERS friends they can relate to and proudly display in their hair. They have Alex the Rockstar, Ellie the Cook, Gabrielle the Basketball Player, Lily the Soccer Player, Reece the Bookworm, Rose the Tap Dancer, Violet the Ballet Dancer, or Zoe the Math Whiz! Your girl will love these and want to wear them everyday. They are so easy to wear, you just insert them in your hair like you would a bobby pin.


For more info and to buy some Buntoppers, go here!


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