Groove Book for monthly phone picture prints! Plus get your first book free!!

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May 18th

Thank you Groove Book for the samples.

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I am in love with Groove Book! Have you heard about it?! You can get a monthly book of your favorite pictures from your phone sent straight to your house! As of right now I have 4,000 pictures on my phone so you can tell I love to take pictures. Most are not super exciting so I don’t have them printed onto a canvas to hang on a wall but so many are just everyday memories that I love to look back on.


With Groove Book you free up space on your phone by letting you print pictures onto a book so you can delete them later. Starting at $2.99, you can have these monthly photo books sent right to your house. That is a steal. All you have to do is download the Groove App, add up to 100 photos each month and the app lets you know how long you have to add photos before the book is shipped.


It’s so easy to use and my kids love getting these books in the mail since most of the pictures are of them 😉 Plus they come with perforated pages so you can tear the pictures out and share them. You can also share a copy of your book right from the app if you have family out-of-town that would enjoy some pictures!

Use coupon code: WASHER41 to get your first book free. Try it out and let me know how you liked it.


Download the app in the app store or go here for more info.

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