Plywerk Custom Wood printing

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Jun 12th

I received a free sample of this product in exchange for my honest review.


I pretty much am a sucker for photography and wood products so put those to together and you get wood prints and I am in love. I sent them two of my favorite pictures for them to create a custom wood print for me. One was of my husband and I and the other of my daughter and I. As a mom and blogger so am normally behind the camera and rarely am in pictures so these pictures were special to me. 

Here is a little bit about their company:

“We are a eco-friendly product in a eco-friendly building – we use eco-friendly wood, ink and energy. We care about our planet and want to do our part.

We offer many ways to capture your memories so you can see and share them with others in a special and non ordinary way. And, it gives you the ability to show off your photo taking skills.

It’s a gift that keeps on giving – mom’s are caring, we care too.  Not resting until every last bit of wood is recycled or upcycled, all usable scrap wood is donated to Habitat for Humanity, a local charity that builds homes for families in need.

It’s a time saver – need a gift, but don’t have the time or energy to load the kids up and go shopping?  We can even wrap your order and have it sent with a note from you personally and shipped to the recipient.  Save time and energy personally and environmentally.”

And get this, you can save 30% off just in time for fathers day!  Save 30% Off Sitewide* with Code: LOVEDAD

These prints are such high quality and I couldn’t believe how clear the pictures are printed on the wood. You will love these prints just as much as I do. So get to shopping at


This is a look at the front of one print and the back of the other so you know what the back looks like. 


And maybe the sweetest part about reviewing this product is for a day I couldn’t find the print of my daughter and me and I was looking everywhere! Finally when I was putting my girl to sleep I looked over at her night stand and found she had taken the print in put it in her room. Heart melted.



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