Sick just got real.™ on vacation! Plus enter to win a prize pack!

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Jul 13th

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crested butte 

A few weeks back we went to Crested Butte, Colorado and it was one of the best trips we have been on in a while. We go on a trip once a year with some of our friends so combined we had 7 kids with us. We live in Colorado and Crested Butte was only about 3  hours away but it’s a small town and I knew I needed to stock up beforehand with some kid medicines in case anyone got sick. You hate to think about getting sick on vacation but it can happen and you want to be prepared!

So before we left I stocked up on Children’s Advil® Suspension, Children’s Robitussin ® Extended-Release 12 Hour Cough Relief, and Children’s Dimetapp® Multi-Symptom Cold Relief Dye-Free. Every vacation is different but sometimes the town you might be traveling to could be more expensive if it’s a small tourist town so stocking up ahead of time can even save you some money.


We had so much fun on our trip! I didn’t know it but Crested Butte is the wildflower capitol of Colorado and even though we missed the wildflower festival, the beautiful blooms did not disappoint. Once I saw this grove of flowers I had to take some family pictures right in the middle of them.

crested butte 3 

We even hiked to a waterfall and found some Columbines on the way which is Colorado’s state flower. 

crested butte 9 

This little darling look so angelic in the wildflowers but the bugs loved her sweet skin more than I noticed until we got back to our condo. She was eaten up. I felt awful and so did she. Later that night her bites swelled up to enormous knots. For her, she reacts really badly to mosquito bites and gets very uncomfortable. 

Thankfully we brought some allergy cream and some Children’s Advil® Suspension. Her arms were so swollen this Children’s Advil® Suspension help bring down the pain. I didn’t have to rush to the store, or find the nearest pharmacy because I had brought a little pharmacy in a bag just for these situations. 

crested butte 13

So if you plan on traveling this summer, here are some of my best tips for traveling with kids:

  1. Bring an essential medicine bag:
    In my bag I included Children’s Advil® Suspension, Grape (ages 2-11), Children’s Robitussin ® Extended-Release 12 Hour Cough Relief (ages 4+), Children’s Dimetapp® Multi-Symptom Cold Relief Dye-Free (ages 6+).
  2. Find the best ice cream in town and treat yo self! : Third Bowl in downtown Crested Butte had the best ice cream I have ever eaten. I got the honey lavender. 
  3. If there is a local lake, rent a boat for the day for the entire crew! We rented a boat on Blue Mesa and I tought our kids how to paddleboard: IMG_1424
  4. Stay at a family friendly condo. We stayed at Black Bear lodge. It had a hot tub and was close to town. Being close to town is a plus and staying at a place that doesn’t mind 7 rowdy kids in one condo takes the stress out of the time you spend inside. IMG_9164  

Hope you have fun and safe travels this summer and stay well!

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