FlyBar Pogo trick board review

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Jul 26th

Thank you Flybar for the free sample to review. All opinions are my own. 


Flybar is the original pogo stick company founded in 1918 and they sent me the coolest toy to review! It’s called a pogo trick board. I remember having some similar to this when I was young but this one is of course way cooler! The pogo trick board was super easy to put together.

I took it out of the box and blew up the ball with the included pump. It also came with this super cool measuring guide to make sure you don’t over-inflate the ball. This made it so easy to inflate and took the guessing out of inflating it.

This trick board is for ages 6 and up and comes in 6 colors. 


Since we were trying this out on the concrete, I made the kids wear helmets since they have never tried a trick board like this before. They learned to jump in no time. I even let them bring it into the house and play. 

It is made of strong elastic plastic material that flexes for bouncing and pogo tricking. The top has a non-slip material so it’s easy to hang on while bouncing without falling off and it’s strong enough to hold up to 160 pounds. I love that you can adjust the inflation. The more inflated you make it the more you bounce but also the less control you have so you can adjust it for whoever is riding it. So if you had a beginner trying it out, make it less inflated so that can learn to control it.


For more info on this trick board, go here!

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