Ginger Snap Crate

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Aug 10th

I was given a free Ginger Snap crate for my review. All opinions are my own.


I will be honest, I don’t like monthly subscription boxes. I have tried a few and most come with travel samples of this or that and sometimes it’s even things I know I want use. But when Ginger Snap Crate approached me to review their monthly box, I was intrigued since it was items that this company makes from your own pictures. So what you have to do is fill out a form that lets them know all your favorite things in life, they custom design every item to your personal specifications, and voila you will get a box full of swag decorated with your favorite images. 

Screen Shot 2017-07-25 at 6.22.07 PM 

Not only am I a blogger who basically takes pictures for a living but I just love pictures! I literally got a bigger storage phone just so it could hold more pictures. Right now there are 7,000 pictures of my phone! Ginger Snap Crate creates amazing products from my pictures and I am in love. 

From the Ginger Snap Crate website:

“Every month you will scream with excitement when you see that box with a cute little camera on it on your door step because inside is pure happiness for you to use and share with your loved ones. In a world full of beauty products, razors and granola bars coming to you monthly. Now you really have something to get excited about.”

Not only do I love this for myself, but this would be a fantastic gift. We have family that does not live near us, and my in-laws miss their grandchildren terribly so they love getting pictures from us. This would be an awesome present to gift them with pictures of their grandchildren.


Probably my favorite item was the glass cutting board below. They took a few of my images from instagram and put them on a cutting board. I can’t wait to show this one off. 




And what about this tote bag? It’s a double-sided tote with 2 super cute pictures, one on each side of the tote. I guarantee no one else will have a bag this cool.


To find out more about Ginger Snap Crate, go here!

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