Visit Pizzeria Locale in October and try the Meatball Buratta Pizza

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Oct 1st


Write it down, October 2nd at @pizzerialocale, Denver, 6th and broadway is teaming up with the legendary @steverino1234 with a meatball and burrata pizza and 50% of the proceeds go to @americanlungco. They let me sample it today and it was 🔥.
If you can’t make it, don’t worry this pizza will be available the whole month of October. 

If you have never been to Pizzeria Locale, get down there as fast as you can. It was one of the freshest, best tasting pizzas I have ever had! The founder of the place, Lachlan Patterson is a James Beard Award Winner so he knows his way around the kitchen. The thought and dedication to high quality, good tasting food is something I have not seen in a “fast food” pizza place. It might be fast food because they can cook your pizza in 3 minutes, but there is nothing “fast food” tasting about it. 



Pizzeria Locale has been doing a chef series where they let once chef create pizza that is available for a limited time only and this month is Steve Redzikowski, who helms Acorn in Denver, the #1. restaurant for a few years running. I pretty much fan girled when we got to meet him because he is an incredible chef. Try out his pizza at Pizzeria Locale for the month of October and let me know how you like it!


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